WNSL State Meet Freestyle

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FavPosRace NoNameNameTimeTimeCategorySecond CatGenderTeamGradeSeed Start Time
1144Nina ChosyNina Chosy
#144 Female HS Girls
00:18:18.000:18:18.0HS GirlsFemaleMadnorski 12A13:33:30
2152Lucy CampbellLucy Campbell
#152 Female HS Girls
00:18:37.300:18:37.3HS GirlsFemaleIndependent/Superior12B13:35:30
3148Ashley GrossklausAshley Grossklaus
#148 Female HS Girls
00:18:37.800:18:37.8HS GirlsFemalePeak Nordic 11A13:34:30
4143Fran PetersonFran Peterson
#143 Female HS Girls
00:18:42.900:18:42.9HS GirlsFemaleChippewa Valley Nordic 10A13:33:15
5157Josephine KwasnyJosephine Kwasny
#157 Female HS Girls
00:19:13.900:19:13.9HS GirlsFemaleIWSC 9B13:36:45
6132Avery TolbertAvery Tolbert
#132 Female HS Girls
00:19:16.800:19:16.8HS GirlsFemalePeak Nordic 12A13:30:30
7149Anne StrakaAnne Straka
#149 Female HS Girls
00:19:21.600:19:21.6HS GirlsFemalePeak Nordic 9A13:34:45
8140Grace KernGrace Kern
#140 Female HS Girls
00:19:25.500:19:25.5HS GirlsFemaleLakeland 10A13:32:31
9145Madyson RosenbergerMadyson Rosenberger
#145 Female HS Girls
00:19:31.200:19:31.2HS GirlsFemaleChippewa Valley Nordic 10A13:33:45
10150Sylvia MezaSylvia Meza
#150 Female HS Girls
00:19:33.400:19:33.4HS GirlsFemaleLakeland 10A13:35:00
11173Sophie StephensonSophie Stephenson
#173 Female HS Girls
00:19:41.500:19:41.5HS GirlsFemaleBlackhawk 9B13:40:45
12133Audrey LahammerAudrey Lahammer
#133 Female HS Girls
00:19:42.400:19:42.4HS GirlsGuestFemaleRed Wing Nordic 10A13:30:45
13134Lily HubanksLily Hubanks
#134 Female HS Girls
00:19:45.400:19:45.4HS GirlsFemaleBlackhawk 12A13:31:00
14146Abby MooreAbby Moore
#146 Female HS Girls
00:19:50.500:19:50.5HS GirlsFemaleNKMN Storm10A13:34:00
15166Eliana MalnourieEliana Malnourie
#166 Female HS Girls
00:19:54.600:19:54.6HS GirlsFemaleHayward 12B13:39:01
16135Aubrie EckerAubrie Ecker
#135 Female HS Girls
00:20:08.100:20:08.1HS GirlsFemaleChippewa Valley Nordic 11A13:31:15
17147Ainsley CasperAinsley Casper
#147 Female HS Girls
00:20:09.100:20:09.1HS GirlsFemaleMadnorski 12A13:34:15
18179Mia TaggettMia Taggett
#179 Female HS Girls
00:20:21.900:20:21.9HS GirlsFemalePeak Nordic 11B13:42:15
19151Kiera RotarKiera Rotar
#151 Female HS Girls
00:20:30.700:20:30.7HS GirlsFemaleLakeland 11A13:35:15
20131Greta HansenGreta Hansen
#131 Female HS Girls
00:20:31.500:20:31.5HS GirlsFemaleANST 11A13:30:15
21158Emily WhyteEmily Whyte
#158 Female HS Girls
00:20:56.200:20:56.2HS GirlsFemaleIce Age Nordic 10B13:37:00
22171Eva KoosEva Koos
#171 Female HS Girls
00:21:01.100:21:01.1HS GirlsFemalePeak Nordic 10B13:40:15
23172Norah LeeNorah Lee
#172 Female HS Girls
00:21:04.500:21:04.5HS GirlsFemaleIce Age Nordic 11B13:40:30
24185Hanna O'brienHanna O'brien
#185 Female HS Girls
00:21:05.000:21:05.0HS GirlsFemaleBlackhawk 12B13:43:45
25178Madelyn LawnMadelyn Lawn
#178 Female HS Girls
00:21:05.300:21:05.3HS GirlsFemaleBlackhawk 12B13:42:00
26163Cassidy GouldCassidy Gould
#163 Female HS Girls
00:21:05.900:21:05.9HS GirlsFemaleHayward 12B13:38:16
27154Amelia HeiderAmelia Heider
#154 Female HS Girls
00:21:06.300:21:06.3HS GirlsFemaleIce Age Nordic 11B13:36:00
28153Claire ButallaClaire Butalla
#153 Female HS Girls
00:21:17.100:21:17.1HS GirlsFemaleWausau Nordic United 11B13:35:45
29142Tori MeyersTori Meyers
#142 Female HS Girls
00:21:17.400:21:17.4HS GirlsFemaleWausau Nordic United 9A13:33:00
30161Callie ThrelkeldCallie Threlkeld
#161 Female HS Girls
00:21:20.000:21:20.0HS GirlsFemaleRhinelander 11B13:37:45
31159Anna VanderhoefAnna Vanderhoef
#159 Female HS Girls
00:21:35.200:21:35.2HS GirlsFemaleIce Age Nordic 12B13:37:15
32165Ella KruegerElla Krueger
#165 Female HS Girls
00:21:38.300:21:38.3HS GirlsFemaleBay Nordic 10B13:38:45
33137Eleanor BennettEleanor Bennett
#137 Female HS Girls
00:21:48.200:21:48.2HS GirlsFemaleWausau Nordic United 10A13:31:46
34168Julia TorresaniJulia Torresani
#168 Female HS Girls
00:21:48.200:21:48.2HS GirlsFemaleBlackhawk 11B13:39:31
35175Annika SedelisAnnika Sedelis
#175 Female HS Girls
00:21:51.600:21:51.6HS GirlsFemaleLakeland 12B13:41:16
36177Laura MeyerLaura Meyer
#177 Female HS Girls
00:21:53.500:21:53.5HS GirlsFemalePeak Nordic 11B13:41:46
37180Annie KleiberAnnie Kleiber
#180 Female HS Girls
00:21:54.000:21:54.0HS GirlsFemaleNKMN Storm9B13:42:30
38155Ingrid SokupIngrid Sokup
#155 Female HS Girls
00:21:56.500:21:56.5HS GirlsFemaleHayward 12B13:36:15
39189Lydia FishLydia Fish
#189 Female HS Girls
00:21:58.300:21:58.3HS GirlsFemaleChippewa Valley Nordic 11C13:44:45
40167Elli HudacekElli Hudacek
#167 Female HS Girls
00:22:02.900:22:02.9HS GirlsFemaleChippewa Valley Nordic 12B13:39:15
41174Liana TeterLiana Teter
#174 Female HS Girls
00:22:06.900:22:06.9HS GirlsFemaleRhinelander 11B13:41:00
42221Sophie HonlSophie Honl
#221 Female HS Girls
00:22:13.200:22:13.2HS GirlsFemalePeak Nordic 10C13:52:46
43183Izzy BednorskiIzzy Bednorski
#183 Female HS Girls
00:22:14.800:22:14.8HS GirlsFemaleWausau Nordic United 12B13:43:15
44176Maggie MartinMaggie Martin
#176 Female HS Girls
00:22:18.800:22:18.8HS GirlsFemaleHayward 12B13:41:31
45156Elsa ShockleyElsa Shockley
#156 Female HS Girls
00:22:19.500:22:19.5HS GirlsFemaleLakeland 9B13:36:30
46186Anna WoodAnna Wood
#186 Female HS Girls
00:22:22.700:22:22.7HS GirlsFemaleRhinelander 11B13:44:01
47218Aiva DahlbyAiva Dahlby
#218 Female HS Girls
00:22:24.000:22:24.0HS GirlsFemaleChippewa Valley Nordic 10C13:52:00
48188Nina StarynskiNina Starynski
#188 Female HS Girls
00:22:25.700:22:25.7HS GirlsFemaleLakeland 12B13:44:30
49195Surya BlasioleSurya Blasiole
#195 Female HS Girls
00:22:38.700:22:38.7HS GirlsFemaleBlackhawk 12C13:46:15
50199Sammi CouslandSammi Cousland
#199 Female HS Girls
00:22:39.300:22:39.3HS GirlsFemalePeak Nordic 10C13:47:15
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