WNSL State Meet Freestyle

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FavPosRace NoNameNameTimeTimeCategorySecond CatGenderTeamGradeSeed Start Time
7271Franklin RichardFranklin Richard
#271 Male MS Boys
00:08:54.100:08:54.1MS BoysMaleBay Nordic 8A10:00:15
37272Reid HagenReid Hagen
#272 Male MS Boys
00:10:10.900:10:10.9MS BoysMaleSpooner 6A10:00:30
27273Cooper EricksonCooper Erickson
#273 Male MS Boys
00:09:49.900:09:49.9MS BoysMaleIWSC 7A10:00:45
29274Theo KohlTheo Kohl
#274 Male MS Boys
00:09:55.200:09:55.2MS BoysMaleSpooner 6A10:01:00
21275Brock BartolBrock Bartol
#275 Male MS Boys
00:09:34.200:09:34.2MS BoysMaleBay Nordic 8A10:01:15
15276William ButallaWilliam Butalla
#276 Male MS Boys
00:09:15.900:09:15.9MS BoysMaleWausau Night Gliders 7A10:01:30
1277Jack DahlbyJack Dahlby
#277 Male MS Boys
00:08:08.600:08:08.6MS BoysMaleChippewa Valley Nordic 8A10:01:45
43278Niels StringerNiels Stringer
#278 Male MS Boys
00:10:21.200:10:21.2MS BoysMaleMadnorski 5A10:02:01
13279Karl NelsonKarl Nelson
#279 Male MS Boys
00:09:10.400:09:10.4MS BoysMaleHayward 6A10:02:15
5280Caleb MurphyCaleb Murphy
#280 Male MS Boys
00:08:51.600:08:51.6MS BoysMaleBay Nordic 8A10:02:30
9281Cole MirekCole Mirek
#281 Male MS Boys
00:09:00.900:09:00.9MS BoysMalePeak Nordic 8A10:02:45
51282Simon FishSimon Fish
#282 Male MS Boys
00:10:38.600:10:38.6MS BoysMaleChippewa Valley Nordic 8A10:03:00
19283Ben HoppBen Hopp
#283 Male MS Boys
00:09:25.400:09:25.4MS BoysMaleIWSC 7A10:03:15
23284Kane StrakaKane Straka
#284 Male MS Boys
00:09:41.100:09:41.1MS BoysMalePeak Nordic 6A10:03:30
3285Samuel GroeschlSamuel Groeschl
#285 Male MS Boys
00:08:24.100:08:24.1MS BoysMaleIWSC 8A10:03:45
2286Eric AndersonEric Anderson
#286 Male MS Boys
00:08:11.400:08:11.4MS BoysGuestMaleRed Wing Nordic 8A10:04:00
74287Calvin WeispfenningCalvin Weispfenning
#287 Male MS Boys
00:11:47.500:11:47.5MS BoysMale4H-CANSKI 8A10:04:16
18288Ty OuradnikTy Ouradnik
#288 Male MS Boys
00:09:24.600:09:24.6MS BoysMalePeak Nordic 6A10:04:30
14289Sawyer MooreSawyer Moore
#289 Male MS Boys
00:09:14.200:09:14.2MS BoysMaleNKMN Storm8A10:04:45
6290Benjamin EichtenBenjamin Eichten
#290 Male MS Boys
00:08:53.800:08:53.8MS BoysMaleSpooner 6A10:05:00
4291Matthew Van CampMatthew Van Camp
#291 Male MS Boys
00:08:49.400:08:49.4MS BoysGuestMaleRochester 8A10:05:15
30292William FisherWilliam Fisher
#292 Male MS Boys
00:09:56.800:09:56.8MS BoysMalePeak Nordic 6A10:05:30
8293Carson TeglandCarson Tegland
#293 Male MS Boys
00:08:56.600:08:56.6MS BoysMaleLakeland 8A10:05:45
38294Milo Vander ZandenMilo Vander Zanden
#294 Male MS Boys
00:10:12.000:10:12.0MS BoysMaleMadnorski 8A10:06:01
10295Jack CashmanJack Cashman
#295 Male MS Boys
00:09:02.000:09:02.0MS BoysGuestMaleRed Wing Nordic 8A10:06:15
25296Olin SletteOlin Slette
#296 Male MS Boys
00:09:42.900:09:42.9MS BoysMaleRhinelander 7A10:06:30
11297Connor ReckingerConnor Reckinger
#297 Male MS Boys
00:09:02.400:09:02.4MS BoysMaleBay Nordic 6A10:06:45
16298Evan LozonEvan Lozon
#298 Male MS Boys
00:09:19.400:09:19.4MS BoysMaleWausau Night Gliders 8A10:07:00
91299Cole KleinsteiberCole Kleinsteiber
#299 Male MS Boys
00:13:28.300:13:28.3MS BoysMaleBlackhawk 9B10:07:15
50300Finn GrenierFinn Grenier
#300 Male MS Boys
00:10:38.400:10:38.4MS BoysMaleChippewa Valley Nordic 7B10:07:30
75301Levoni KubackiLevoni Kubacki
#301 Male MS Boys
00:11:47.700:11:47.7MS BoysMalePeak Nordic 6B10:07:46
47302Aiden WinnAiden Winn
#302 Male MS Boys
00:10:34.100:10:34.1MS BoysMaleIWSC 7B10:08:00
41303Ben BuchmannBen Buchmann
#303 Male MS Boys
00:10:17.400:10:17.4MS BoysMaleANST 8B10:08:15
36304Ben BowmanBen Bowman
#304 Male MS Boys
00:10:09.100:10:09.1MS BoysMaleChippewa Valley Nordic 8B10:08:30
58305Charlie StubbCharlie Stubb
#305 Male MS Boys
00:10:59.600:10:59.6MS BoysMaleWausau Night Gliders 7B10:08:45
72306Joseph EichtenJoseph Eichten
#306 Male MS Boys
00:11:45.300:11:45.3MS BoysMaleSpooner 5B10:09:00
44307Simon HedlundSimon Hedlund
#307 Male MS Boys
00:10:23.100:10:23.1MS BoysMaleSpooner 7B10:09:15
34308Grayson SchambergerGrayson Schamberger
#308 Male MS Boys
00:10:06.400:10:06.4MS BoysMaleNKMN Storm8B10:09:30
56309Chase MirekChase Mirek
#309 Male MS Boys
00:10:49.200:10:49.2MS BoysMalePeak Nordic 6B10:09:45
45310Iain RumneyIain Rumney
#310 Male MS Boys
00:10:23.400:10:23.4MS BoysMaleRhinelander 8B10:10:00
60311Erik JohnsonErik Johnson
#311 Male MS Boys
00:11:08.300:11:08.3MS BoysMaleANST 6B10:10:15
68312Barrett EggenBarrett Eggen
#312 Male MS Boys
00:11:38.300:11:38.3MS BoysMaleLakeland 7B10:10:30
32313Nicholas JohnkoskiNicholas Johnkoski
#313 Male MS Boys
00:10:03.100:10:03.1MS BoysMaleWausau Night Gliders 7B10:10:46
26314James DerenneJames Derenne
#314 Male MS Boys
00:09:46.400:09:46.4MS BoysMaleBay Nordic 6B10:11:00
83315Ian MatsonIan Matson
#315 Male MS Boys
00:12:47.500:12:47.5MS BoysMalePeak Nordic 7B10:11:15
76317Sawyer CashmanSawyer Cashman
#317 Male MS Boys
00:11:49.900:11:49.9MS BoysGuestMaleRed Wing Nordic 6B10:11:45
42318Kade ChristieKade Christie
#318 Male MS Boys
00:10:17.900:10:17.9MS BoysMaleLakeland 7B10:12:00
17319Neel DumsNeel Dums
#319 Male MS Boys
00:09:24.000:09:24.0MS BoysMaleHayward 8B10:12:16
46320Elijah KlattElijah Klatt
#320 Male MS Boys
00:10:29.000:10:29.0MS BoysGuestMaleRed Wing Nordic 8B10:12:30
40321Dakota MyersDakota Myers
#321 Male MS Boys
00:10:15.400:10:15.4MS BoysMaleWausau Night Gliders 7B10:12:46
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